This Year's Hottest Spoon?

This Year's Hottest Spoon?

By: Blake Tollefson

Contrary to open water fishing, ice fishing anglers are forced to cover water in a more limited fashion. Because of the movement limitations associated with ice fishing, anglers aim to bring the fish within striking distance. Only a select set of lures have the ability to impart the right action and call fish in. 

The jigging spoon is a staple to the ice fishing community, and arguably one of the most effective for attracting fish. In simple terms, jigging spoons can be simplified into two categories - the flutter spoon and the rattle spoon. Traditional spoons are typically made from a thin piece of metal to impart a fluttering action or filled with a rattle chamber to create vibration and noise below the surface. Most often, theses lures are considered simply a bait delivery system (i.e. helping to put a chunk of bait in front of a fish’s face). However, some new designs are helping to change this misconception. 

It’s the year 2020 and Eurotackle introduces it’s twist on the jigging spoon — enter the “Live Spoon.” 

Unlike the large majority of the jigging spoons on the market, the Live Spoon is comprised of ABS plastic. There are a number of advantages associated with these types of spoons, over the more traditional options. First and foremost, plastic spoons mean less chipped paint. Anyone that’s owned a metal spoon has had issues with paint chipping from catching fish or bouncing around in tackle box. 

The plastic composition also slows down the fall rate over a traditional metal spoon as well. Finesse is often the name of the game for finicky fish, and a slower fall rate can lead to more success. It should be noted that the design and internal weight system of the Live Spoon help increase the fall rate over other non-traditional options. 

The Live Spoon also includes an internal rattle chamber for added attraction, making this lure sort of a hybrid between a flutter spoon and rattle spoon. The material and internal design of the lure lead to a very unique flutter and flash, not found in other non-metal spoons. 

The Live Spoon is finished off with a custom Eurotackle treble hook. 

Two sizes are available to cover a wide range of species from panfish to walleyes and trout:

- 1/16 oz and 1.25 inches - 8 different color schemes.

- 3/8 oz and 2.25 inches - 5 different color schemes.

Eurotackle fans will be happy with the color schemes as many of them come from the Z-Viber lineup. 

It should be noted that this lure is not just for ice fishing. It can also be fished via cast and retrieve methods in open water. The bait actually swims through the water, making it super effective on game fish like bass and trout. 



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