Caperlan French Fishing Brand offering Crankbait, Jerkbait, Topwater lures or Bass, Trout, Panfish and more

Your love for European fishing products is so real that we decided to bring the most popular brand from the other side of the pond.

Caperlan is a high quality French brand leading on its domestic market. Thanks to a talented team of engineers, designers and product developers, Caperlan offers a wide selection of top of the line fishing products.

We made a limited selection of their best hard baits which is now exclusively available on our Eurotackle shop.

From micro to regular Bass fishing size baits, Caperlan got you covered. The realistic and sharp designs, balance system and premium BKK hooks place those lures to the best possible category.

Caperlan pays close attention to the material they use to control its impact on the environment and bio-diversity. All products undergo a toxicological
laboratory test to ensure that the materials do not contain neither
Phthalates and heavy metals.