Caperlan 3/1 Fishing Tackle Bag

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The Caperlan team developed the ultimate 3 in 1 fishing backpack/chest pack.

The Caperlan fishing bag is a 3 in 1 kit including a backpack, a chest pack and a belt. All those elements can be used all together or separately allowing you to adapt your storage needs needs according to the situation.

This amazing tackle bag specifically designed for advanced anglers and is made from Laminated Polyester making it extremely durable and waterproof. Also, thanks to its 600-dernier Polyester Fabric on the base for abrasion resistance.

Comfort is very important while targeting your favorite fish. That is why the this fishing tackle bag and storage equipment has some amazing comfort enhancing features.

The Caperlan fishing tackle bag was designed for shore and wadding fishermen and has a lot of added features such as rod straps, fishing tools, pliers or scissors insert.
It has a well designed layout including numerous compartments and hanging clips.



1 outer zipped pocket
. 2 outer mesh pockets, including 1 to hold your flask or water bottle
. 1 inner zipped pocket
. 1 inner open pocket


. One thermoformed padded compartment that transforms into an assembly plate for quick access to your lures and accessories
. 1 net pocket inside this compartment
. 1 extra open pocket inside the main compartment

Back Pack Functions:

- Adjustable: Belt height, chest strap, straps for increased comfort during use.
- Padded and aerated back to promote the evacuation of sweat.
- 1 side pocket and soft case for carrying an extra rod.
- A rear loop to hang your landing net.
- An outer adjustable elastic for carrying your landing net or extra fishing equipment.

Belt Functions:

-Extra-large padded belt for increased comfort.
-Strap allowing the chest pack to move laterally in a belt position for quicker access   without having to keep the chest pack constantly in the front
-Pliers, fishing tools, scissors holder.
-Rod holder clip to keep your hands free when changing set up.

Chest Pack Functions:

-A service button included to attach your scissors, line cutter or pliers (possible to hold 2)
-Side grips for pliers and scissors
-It is possible to hide the chest pack’s side straps in the rear part for use without discomfort in the belt position
-It is possible to use the chest pack alone thanks to its X-shaped system. It is padded for increased comfort and support. It also has a rear loop to hang your landing net

Width: 10"
Depth: 7"
Height: 16"
Usable volume: 15L / 4Gal
compatible with the Caperlan #XL boxes

Width: 9"
Depth: 3.5 + 1.5"
Height: 7"
Usable volume: 5L / 1.4Gal
compatible with the Caperlan #M boxes