The Best Jig for Forward-Facing Sonar?

The Best Jig for Forward-Facing Sonar?

The term ‘game changer’ is arguably one of the most overused labels throughout the fishing industry. Few products deserve this moniker as much as forward-facing sonar technology.  Aside from mapping, side imaging, and a handful of other products, few introductions have taken the fishing world by storm.

It’s perhaps the most controversial technology to hit the market in the last couple decades. If you’ve spent any time scouring social media or internet forums, there’s no question that the topic has come up. Along with such topics, you’ll find a smattering of opinions – both negative and positive. According to some, it’s the best thing to ever hit the market, while according to others, it’s the end of times for fishing altogether.

Regardless of opinion, all anglers should agree that it’s impressive technology. The ability to find fish in real-time, 100 feet or more away, is pretty darn insane. Who would’ve thought such technology would be available to the everyday angler?

Even with such technologies, there’s still plenty of situations in which anglers wish they could ‘see’ their lures more clearly. As a result, companies, like Eurotackle, have set out to design baits that work well with such advancements.

Enter the ESR Jig. The ESR (Enhanced Sonar Return) Jig was specifically developed to show up better on electronics, and particularly forward facing sonar. The jig features a non-traditional flat-face design and a larger surface area. The idea – to provide an improved, or shall we say, enhanced sonar return.

The original version was built on an ice jig platform, coming in two micro sized options – 3.5 mm and 5 mm. New for 2024, Eurotackle is proud to introduce, the expansion of the ESR lineup. The line features the same design that many anglers have grown to love but was expanded to appeal to the open water market.  

The ESR line continues with a tungsten base, as it’s ideal for fishing fast and showing up more clearly on electronics. The comprehensive lineup features weights ranging from 1/32 oz to 3/8 oz, and a variety of hook sizes, ensuring there’s options for nearly any open water scenario. With varying hook sizes, users can choose their jig based on the plastic they want to pair with it.

In addition to the standard offerings, Eurotackle has developed a line of ESR jigs that feature a built-in weed guard. The perfect tool for fishing in heavy cover.

Need something for crappies, walleyes, bass, or trout? Well, there’s a jig for that.

The ESR line is topped off with an unfinished, metallic look allowing it to pair well with any color and work in any water clarity.

The all-new options are available now at or at a retailer near you.

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