The Essentials of Trout Fishing

The Essentials of Trout Fishing

For many anglers across the northern regions of the United States and Canda, it was a rough winter. Ridiculous amounts of snow and subpar ice conditions made for a less than ideal ice season for most. Spring is technically here, but there’s a few problems: Many lakes are covered in ice and many game fish seasons are closed until further notice. On a positive note, most streams and rivers are completely void of ice. Not to mention, some of the year’s best trout fishing opportunities are in full swing. Depending on where you live, opportunities may include harvest or may be limited to catch and release.

During this timeframe, trout will hold in a variety of areas depending on the stream or river. However, there are few common areas that will typically congregate fish including deep holes, current seams, and structure. Regardless of where you target trout, walking and wading quietly are vital to success. Trout are extremely wary, and it doesn’t take much to push them out of an area.  Challenge yourself to make long, precise casts in an effort to avoid spooking fish. It is also vital to watch your shadows to go undetected.

In comparison to other styles of fishing, gear requirements for trout fishing are particularly minimal. Because most trout locations are only accessible via foot traffic, anglers are forced to pack in everything they need. As a result, fishermen rely on specialized bags and backpacks, like Caperlan’s 3/1 Fishing Tackle Bag, to carry all their tackle and gear needs.

Lure options for trout are in abundance. As a finesse-focused company, Eurotackle has built it’s brand around developing and perfecting high-quality, finesse lure options that will work for a wide variety of species – particularly trout. For anglers that want to put trout in the net this season, check out the essential lures below.   


Coming in at 2 inches in length and 1/8 oz, the Z-Spender is unique in every aspect. It features a one-of-a-kind action and balancing system. The bait’s action is highly erratic, making it a top choice for any species that swims – but particularly trout.

The ‘Spender’ was developed to suspend perfectly twitch after twitch, jerk after jerk — making it the only one in its size class. The bait excels when fished with light fluorocarbon, primarily those in the four-to-five-pound line class. Due to its micro design, line type and diameter will have an impact on the depths it reaches.

As designed, the Z-Spender fishes at depths of up to three feet — a perfect option for fishing most trout trout streams and rivers. The jerkbait can be fished via varying cast and retrieval methods. A steady retrieve will provide a consistent action, while a jerk and pause method provides a very erratic, darting action. 

To fish the lure via a jerk and pause method, “snap” the rod towards you, then reel in the line quickly while moving the rod back towards the starting position. Alternate your retrieve by including pauses, as well as the number of “jerks.” JERK-JERK-JERK-PAUSE, TWITCH-TWITCH-TWITCH, HOLD ON.

The micro jerkbaits are complimented with Eurotackle’s custom treble hook which is designed to increase hooking percentages. 

The Z-Spender comes in 11 different color schemes – including natural, realistic, and more showy options.



The B-Vibe has made a name for itself throughout the panfish and bait finesse communities, but it should not be neglected when it comes to trout. At two inches, the plastic is an ideal size imitation of natural baitfish.

The B-Vibe was designed to provide an extremely natural swimming action when fished via cast and retrieve methods. The ultra-soft composition of the lure allows it to be fished effectively at variable speeds. In tough conditions, the B-Vibe can be fished using an extremely slow retrieve and the flat paddle of the lure will still provide a lot of action.

An intermediary flat surface was added to solidify the bait and prevent the lure from tearing during use.

The B-Vibe pairs well with jigs from sizes 1/32 oz to 1/8 oz. The Soft-Lock series of jigs allows for easy removal without tearing the plastic. The tungsten composition allows for a smaller package at the ideal weight. As lead bans continue to pop up across the country, the Soft-Lock is a great option. Effectiveness of jig size varies based on conditions and water depth. Opt for larger jigs for deeper water scenarios.

For situations that require a smaller profile, try out the 1.5 inch B-Vibe model.  The 1.5 offers all the same features, in an even more micro package.  

The B-Vibe Family is offered in 12 different color options – making it a good choice for any scenario. With trout in mind, opt for more natural choices like gold, white, green pumpkin and bluegill pro.  

Stone Fly

As one of the original members of the Micro Finesse line, the Stone Fly has been a fan favorite of trout anglers for several years. As a realistic imitation of the actual insect, in larval form, it’s an ideal.

The Stone Fly is comprised of Eurotackle’s proprietary plastic – making the lure extremely soft, yet durable in nature. The tail and legs of the plastic create micro vibrations similar to that of the actual insect.

The Stone Fly pairs perfectly with the all new 5 mm ESR Nano. This combination is best fished via cast and retrieve, jigging or under a float. For best results, slowly swim, hop, or drag the Stone Fly on the retrieve. If used under a float, quick pops can turn lookers into biters.

The plastic is offered in five different color options – ranging from ultra-realistic to more off the wall choices.


The Anisoptera was specifically designed to be a perfect imitation of the dragonfly larvae. The dragonfly larvae is found in many types of waterways worldwide. In North America, the nymph stage of the dragonfly’s life cycle lasts for several years, making it a popular treat for fish in most bodies of water.

Its realistic design makes it a great choice for trout no matter the location. The soft composition makes the appendages create a lot of movement when worked throughout the water column.

The Anisoptera was designed to be fished via a variety of methods – such as cast and retrieve, jigging or under a float/bobber. In many situations, jigging or casting and dragging the lure can be an effective option for trout. Another option involves the use of a float or bobber. Giving the float little pops or short pulls can entice a bite when the action is starting to slow down.

The Anisoptera is offered in six different colors – including natural and bright options.


Coming in at 1.5 inches in length and 1/8 oz, the Z-Cranker in the definition of an ultralight crankbait. The lure was tested and refined for more than two years before coming to market. The bait features a wide-bodied design and super low center of gravity for a distinctive wobbling action when worked via a cast & retrieve methods.

The ‘Cranker’ features a slow floating body. In other words, it’s buoyant-balanced design allows the user to pause the bait mid-retrieve without it floating directly to the surface. The slow floating profile also prevents the bait from getting hung up in cover because it can be paused.

Designed to dive to depths of at 5 feet, the Z-Cranker is an excellent choice for targeting trout in deeper holes.  The bait features our internal double rattle system to call fish in from a distance.

All lures come standard with Eurotackle’s custom treble hooks, which feature a light wire for increased hook penetration.

The Z-Cranker comes in ten different color schemes to cover any scenario. The realistic paint jobs and design create a lot of flash on the retrieve.


As the newest addition to the Micro Finesse lineup, the Hellgrammite was a well-received introduction by the angling community – and specifically trout anglers. Few angling groups understand the power of realistic lures as well as trout fishermen. The development of the lure was led by direct feedback from the trout community. This group devotes more time and energy to replicating specific fish food sources than any other – and to them a Hellgrammite was a must.

Coming in at 1.8 inches, the Hellgrammite is the ideal offering for many trout scenarios. The realistic profile, ribbed body and natural action of the lure can convince event the wariest of trout adversaries into biting. Due to the natural habitats of hellgrammites, you can expect this imitation to provide the best results in streams and rivers. The lure combines the perfect mix of durability and lifelike action.

The lure was pairs perfectly with the Soft-Lock Tungsten Jig Head. It can be fished via cast and retrieval methods or under a float.  

The Hellgrammite is offered in several different color schemes including more natural options like black and brown, as well as more unconventional options like pink and chartreuse. Like every other plastic in the Micro Finesse line, the all-new Hellgrammite is infused with the proven S-Pheromone scent.



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