Z-Series Boxes

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This Plano ProLatch StowAway 3600 paired with the Fishmore Company Premium Foam insert is the perfect and safest way to organize your Favorite Eurotackle Lures.

This line up has been developed specifically for your favorite Z-Series lures. You'll even find some mix boxes. There are 10 versions available.

Built with high-quality, closed cell foam to withstand the elements, theses boxes feature specialized patent pending Crank Cavities™ by Fishmore Company that:

•   Keep hooks separated

•   Feature hook wells with integrated drain hole at the base

•   Entire lure color profile on display

•   Enables hook-free lure handling

•   Secures and protects lures from banging around in the box

•   Makes organization easy and sustainable

•   Adds flotation to tackle box