Z-Series 6.6UL 1/32 - 3/16oz | Fast Action (One Piece)

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Made entirely out of T40 Cross Carbon the Z-Series rod was developed specially for treble hook baits: Micro jerkbait, crankbait, popper, stick bait and even inline spinner.

The T40 cross carbon give this UL rod a bendier action (close to moderate) to get a great hook set and the necessary forgiveness to keep fish hooked with small treble hooks on.

The one piece blank of the Z-Series was paired with a RS Single Stand and Fuji LGAT guides.

The minimalist design of the handle and its carbon components brings light weight, balance and comfort.

The Z-Series 6.6UL is made for advanced finesse anglers and is perfect for a wide variety of hard bait techniques.

This rod comes with a neoprene sleeve.

Size 6.6ft
Power:  1/32- 3/16oz UL
Action: Fast Action
Recommended Line: 1-8lbs/test

(Not available in Canada)

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