Z-Popper 1.75"

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Eurotackle is finally adding an ultra light top water lure to the Z-Series line up.
With a 1/8oz weight and a 1.75" lenght this micro popper was designed to target Trout, Bass and Panfish such as Bluegill, Perch and Crappie.
Thanks to its optimal design you can make this finesse floating lure pop or use it as a walking the dog bait. The Z-Popper is the perfect alternative between a stick bait (pencil bait) and a popper. Pop it or twitch it and set the hook!
You will be amazed by the Z-Popper versatility when it comes to action.
This mini bait is armed with 2 high quality treble hooks and built with quality component and durable paint.
We added a Tungsten ball in the back part its body which will create a nice "one knocker" noise and allow long casting distance.
Ultralight fishermen, finesse anglers and bait finesse lovers definitely need this unique top water bait in their tackle box.
Available in 6 colors.