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European Anglers love lipless crankbait for big European Perch fishing.
The WXM VBN 50 is by far the best option when a versatile bait is needed.
This is why we wanted this particular lure to start its US journey.
Largemouth, Smallmouth and Peacock Bass will love its small 2" size and the amazing color patterns the Caperlan Lipless Crankbait offers.
With a 3/8oz weight and a compact body, the WXM VBN 50 creates strong vibrations and loud rattle noises. It can be used for power fishing with a linear cast and retrieve or for vertical jigging.

Even if the WXM VBN 50 was designed for open water application, it remains a great option for Walleye, Lake Trout or trophy Crappie during ice fishing season.

In addition of the 3D eyes, this finesse rattle bait was designed with a lot of details and a textured body enhancing its lifelike look.

Armed with top of the line BKK 6062 #8 and #10 hooks your hook up ratio will be better than ever.