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European anglers love micro topwater walking the dog baits and know how to make them good.
Thanks to an amazing team of designers, engineers and product developers Caperlan created the WXM STK 45, an amazing 1.75" and 1/8oz micro topwater initially designed for big European Perch and Chub. In US the WXM STK 45 excels for Smallmouth, Largemouth and Peacock Bass but also for Trout, Crappie and other small predator fish thanks to its small size.

With its wide walking action, the WXM STK45 mimics an bait fish escaping and can be noticed by fish from far away.
When paused it will sit in a 45 degrees position making it dangle and giving it a very triggering behavior.
This small topwater lure is armed with BKK 6062 #10 & #12 Black Nicker hooks.