Tungsten Flipping Jig

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The Eurotackle Tungsten Flipping Jig should have been named "Skipping Jig" thanks to its incredible ability to be perfectly skipped. Built in a flat shape to skip and slide through heavy cover and timber to entice bass tucked underneath, the unique properties of tungsten also gives anglers the ability to fish a jig with the same weight as its lead counterparts in a smaller and more compact offering. This makes it easier to work through thick grass and dense structure. Additionally, tungsten also possesses a higher level of sensitivity than lead and allows anglers to more accurately decipher between strikes and structure. Constructed with a premium needlepoint hook extremely rust resistant, specially sealed paint coating, a super sft hand tied skirt and a high-end weedguard, the Eurotackle Tungsten Flipping Jig is just what you need to help you put more fish in the boat. Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass are in trouble.