Micro Finesse 7.0L 1/16 - 1/4oz | Ultra Fast Action (One Piece)

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The only Light action rod of the Micro Finesse rod line up.
Made out of T40 Modulus and T40 Cross Carbon this light action rod features a solid tip.
This plain carbon tip offers an ultra fast action that will allow a fluid and reactive response from you bait while in action.
Not only it is be the most effective tip action to give life to all type of micro finesse soft lures, it also helps to detect bites before giving any hints to the fish.
We made the solid tip of this Micro Finesse rods white to enhance bite visibility.

Thanks to a strong back bone and the right bend you'll be able to get a great hook set and fight fish efficiently.
The T40 Modulus and T40 Cross Carbon mix gives this rod an optimal sensitivity.
The one piece blank was paired with a RS Single Stand and Fuji LGAT guides.

The minimalist design of the handle and its carbon components brings light weight, balance and comfort.

The Micro Finesse 7.0L is made for advanced finesse anglers and is perfect for large Crappie, Trout, Walleye and Bass.
This model is the perfect hair jig and finesse soft lure rod.

This rod comes with a nice neoprene sleeve.

Size 7.0ft
Power:  1/16- 1/4oz L
Action: Ultra Fast Action
Recommended Line: 3-10lbs/test

(Not available in Canada)

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