EPF Minnow 1.3"

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Leo Sheng, host of Extreme Philly Fishing and Eurotackle are introducing this new EPF signature Micro finesse soft bait.

The Eurotackle EPF Minnow 1.3" is a Micro Finesse soft jerkbait with a short but fat body that will make it a compact bait perfectly fitted for ultralight fishing techniques.  This micro soft bait has been designed with a tail ball that will enhance its fork tail action. We added rounded bulky segments to the body to give it a realistic wobble.

Paired with the Eurotackle Soft Lock Tungsten Jig Head (Size #6 Hook) this is the ultimate micro finesse combo for colder water or finicky fish! This mini lure will be a great soft plastic for all type of Panfish, Crappie, Bluegill Perch, Bass, Trout, and a lot more species of course! You'll be able to work that bait by giving it subtle animations which will be key when the bite is tough.
The EPF Minnow got you covered for river, lake or even saltwater fishing.
Last but not least, this Eurotackle/EPF signature lure is scented with our secret S-Pheromone technology attractant.

Size: 1.3" - 9/Pack

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