ESR Micro Finesse Tungsten Jig Head

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Without a doubt the most complete jig head ever developed...
Thanks to its two big flat sides and its Tungsten built, one of the main advantage of the ESR Tungsten Jig is its "enhanced sonar return".
You'll be able to have a straight and strong sonar wave return to your transducer, translating in a much brighter and steady view of your jig on the screen.

But the forward facing sonar reading isn't the only edge of the ESR. The overall shape of this high quality jig heads were inspired from the Japanese rock fishing world where having a jig that cuts through current, sinks fast and prevents from snagging in rocks and other structure is important. You now understand the that you'll be able to reach your target quickly while using forward facing sonar but that it will also become your new favorite jig head even if you are not a technology addict.

Armed with a 2x strong Mustad hook, you'll be able to target the bigger and stronger fish while using ultra-light and BFS techniques.

We added our Soft-Lock lure keeper to prevent your Micro Finesse soft lures from ripping but still stay securely locked on the jig.

The Micro Finesse line up of ESR Tungsten Jig Heads is the perfect jig for Crappie, Trout, Walleye, Peacock Bass, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass.

1/32 oz - Hook #6 (3/pack)
1/16 oz - Hook #6 (3/pack)
1/8 oz -  Hook #4 (3/pack)

#6 Hook fits B-Vibe2", Anisoptera1.5" , Hellgrammite1.8", Metacraw1.6", Fat Assassin2"

#4 Hook fits B-Vibe2", Eurotube1.75"