Metacraw 2.4"

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The New redesigned Eurotackle Finesse Metacraw 2.4" is the ultimate soft plastic craw for Bass fishing. Smallmouth, Largemouth and Spotted Bass will not resist this finesse Bass fishing lure.
The Metacraw is amazing when used on a Flipping Jig or a Ned Rig jig head but it will also excel as a Flipping Bait on a wide gap hook or as a Neko Rig.
This realistic crayfish imitation lure is designed with a flat and compact body making it durable, easy to skip and go smoothly though the cover.
Thanks to a specific insert for offset hook on its back, it will be easy to cover the hook point and make it snagless / weedless while flipping structures or punching grass mats.
The thin claws will kick aggressively when activated and the side appendages will give it the realistic look needed to trigger the fish to bite. 
Like all Eurotackle soft lures the Metacraw is injected with our unique scent, the S-Pheromone Technology.
This smaller but better than your average craw will quickly become your best fishing lure for Bass.
Size: 2.4" (6/Pack)