Ultimate ESR Nano Kit

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Save over 20% by choosing the Ultimate ESR Nano Kit!
40 Jigs pre-organized in the waterproof Euro-Locker Flat Jig Box.

This Tungsten Jig kit includes:

20 x 3.5mm (1/32oz - #12 Hook) - Color assortment

20 x 5mm (1/16oz - #10 Hook) - Color assortment


The ESR “Enhanced Sonar Return” was born from the effort and expertise of the Eurotackle Team. The ESR Nano is the first ice fishing Tungsten jig designed specifically to be more visible in live imaging technology and traditional flashers.

Thanks to its top and  front inclined flat side this small jig the sonar waves are send back to your electronics transducer in the most optimal way, offering a bright and precise image return.


Armed with a 90 degrees Mustad hook this jig is the ultimate high quality option for advanced hard water fishermen and panfish anglers.
Its hydro-dynamic shape allows to reach your target quickly and offers great balance and micro darting action.