The Switch Rig

The Switch Rig

Bait Finesse System, or BFS, is a style of finesse fishing in which baitcasting equipment is utilized to fish ultralight lures. In general, the lures used with BFS equipment are those more commonly fished on spinning equipment, like small swimbaits, crankbaits, jerkbaits and more. While it’s not perfect, BFS has it’s advantages when it comes to presenting small lures – namely increased accuracy, control and line management.

BFS has long been popular in Japan, where it was invented, but it’s popularity is rising in the United States. In fact, the BFS community is one of the fastest growing segments within the industry. As fisheries become more pressured, anglers look to finesse options to tips the odds in their favor. Additionally, BFS appeals widely to shore anglers and those that like to travel.

As the community grows, so do the lure options. Eurotackle is no stranger to the finesse and micro finesse communities, with offerings that fit perfectly into the BFS fold. New for 2024, Eurotackle is proud to introduce the Switch Rig – an American take on the infamous Cheburashka Rig. “The Cheb Rig is a staple overseas,” says Ben Vnh, owner of Eurotackle. “It was invented in Russia but is commonly used by fishermen across Europe.”

Ben continues, “When we were deciding on where to go with our line for this season, adding a Cheburashka Rig to the mix only made sense.  They’re really effective and there aren’t a lot of options here.”

The rig was developed as a bottom contact bait, as they’re primarily used to target species like zander and perch overseas. They are often fished in a manner like that of a Ned or Neko rig, where a soft plastic craw, paddletail, or worm trailer is dragged, popped, and hopped along bottom.  That being said, they also excel in a variety of other techniques, like jigging and cast & retrieval methods. The rig can be fished in open water or in heavy cover.

Versatility is really the key when it comes to these rigs. Weights and hooks can be swapped in a matter of seconds, hence the name ‘Switch Rig’. Simply remove the metal clip and attach the weight or hook of your choice.

The Switch Rig is available in four different weights, including 1/32-, 1/16-, 1/8-, and 1/4-oz options, all of which are made from tungsten. Choose between hook styles with two sizes of Micro Finesse Wide Gap Hooks (#8 & #10) and two sizes of Micro Finesse Drop Shot Hook (#6 & #10). The hooks were carefully crafted to fit with a wide range of soft plastic options.

The Rig is also offered in a kit which includes four tungsten weights and four hooks. A great option if you want a mix of everything. 

Eurotackle is excited to bring more European baits to the US market. “I grew up fishing these baits,” says Ben Vnh. “They really catch fish. I’m ready for the US market to see how effective they can be.”

The Switch Rig is a great option for presenting soft plastics to a wide range of species including panfish, trout and bass.

The Switch Rig is available at and at retailers across the country.

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