After the huge success of our original Z-Viber 1/16oz - 1inch , we’re expanding our flagship product into a bigger, brighter future.

Not only are we offering new and innovative colors, including glow and UV, but we’ve scaled our Z-Viber into three bigger sizes.

You'll now have a Z-Viber for any possible scenario: from shallow to deep water, and from small to big predators  there’s a Z-Viber.

But that’s not all. We’re also proud to release our newest product: the Z-Darter.

For the first time, you'll use a lure that provides a wide darting action, even without plastic wings. Thanks to our innovative internal weight distribution, this realistic minnow will move aggressively in natural, tantalizing circles.


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Eurotackle never stops the innovation.
Here is the Z-Darter, a very unique jigging minnow. For the first time you will be able to use a lure that produce a wide darting action even it is made without plastic wings.
Thanks to an internal weight structure this realistic minnow will move aggressively forming tantalizing circles.

Exclusively built for vertical jigging the Z-Darter 3/8oz is excellent for open water and ice fishing.
its fast sinking rate will allow you to fish deep and trigger reaction bites.


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