WXM CRK53 Squarebill

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This squarebill crankbait was developed by the Caperlan team for advanced European anglers in search of Perch and Bass.
With a size of 2.1" (5.3cm) and a weight of 3/8oz (10gr) the WXM CRK53 belongs to most popular crankbait category. That kind of bill allows easy deflection when the lure hits structures, reducing snags and triggering fish to bite.

The WXM CRK53 dives to approximately 6 feet.

This typical Bass fishing crankbait is equipped with a Tungsten rattle system allowing it to make lifelike noise while wobbling and attract fish from distance.

Your fish landing ratio will be better than ever thanks to a premium BKK 6062 #6 Black Nickel on the belly and a BKK 6062 #8 BN for back hook.

As every crankbait should be the WXM CRK53 is floating.