WXM CRK40 (Shallow & Deep Diving versions)

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This 1.6" (4cm) finesse crankbait was developed by the Caperlan team for advanced European anglers in search of Perch and Bass and is now a must in all american fishermen tackle boxes.
Smaller than your average crankbait this high quality hard bait represent a easy compact bite for finicky fish.

The WXM CRK40 comes in shallow diving and deep diving versions.

  • CRK40 Shallow Diving : Dives down to 2ft (0.6m)
  • CRK40 Deep Diving : Dives down to 7ft (2m+)

Specially built for high fishing pressure situations this small 5/32oz (4g+) crankbait is equipped with a Tungsten rattle system allowing it to make lifelike noise while wobbling and attract fish from distance.

Your fish landing ratio will be better than ever thanks to a premium BKK 6062 #10 Black Nicker on the belly and a BKK 6062 #12 BN for back hook.

As every crankbait should be the WXM CRK40 is floating.