WXM MNW 50 SP (Shallow & Deep Diving versions)

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The MNW50 SP 2" (5cm) micro jerkbait was developed by the Caperlan team for advanced European ultralight anglers in search of Trout, Perch and other smaller predators.
With it small size and weighting close to 1/8oz this high quality hard bait represent a easy compact bite for finicky fish.
Being perfectly suspending the MNW50 allows you to pause it between aggressive twitches and trigger the finicky fish to bite.

The WXM MNW50 SP comes in shallow diving and deep diving versions.

  • MNW50 SP Shallow Diving : Dives down to 1.3ft (0.4m)
  • MNW50 SP Deep Diving : Dives down to 2ft (2m)

Specially built for high fishing pressure situations this small jerkbait is equipped with a silent steel internal that will not scare the finickiest fish.

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