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The WXM MNW100 SP is 4" (10cm) micro jerkbait created by the Caperlan engineers, designers and product developers for advanced European Bass, Zander and Pike anglers.
Being the most common bass fishing jerkbait size and weighting close to 5/8oz, this high quality hard bait will quickly become your favorite minnow type bait.

The flag ship Caperlan jerkbait will reach depth in the range of 5ft depending on the fishing line being use.

This high quality jerkbait is designed with a weight transfer system allowing long distance cast.

Being perfectly suspending the WXM MNW 100 SP allows you to pause it between aggressive twitches and trigger the finicky fish to bite.
It has perfect balance which allows it to sit in a very attractive position when immobile.

The WXM MNW 100 SP was specially built for high fishing pressure situations and is equipped with a subtle rattle system that will not scare but attract fish.

Your fish landing ratio will be better than ever thanks to premium BKK 6062 #4 Black Nicker hooks.

The overall realistic look, 3D eyes and textured finish makes this twitch bait a very lifelike lure.