Unique in the micro jerkbait category, we made our 2 in Z-Spender 1/8 oz and perfectly SUSPENDING which makes it the only one with that specification in its size category.

The profile, one-of-a-kind erratic action, balancing system and realistic or original color patterns all contribute to the incredible fish-catching ability of the Z-Spender.
This deadly package is finished off with two Eurotackle custom treble hooks, designed to increase hookup percentages with superior light-wire penetration.

The lure will excels on Crappie, Trout, Bluegill, Perch, Walleye and Bass.

The Eurotackle Z-Spender is at its best when fished with 3lb. to 6lb. fluoro, with a sweet spot in the 4 and 5 lbs test range. Line diameter will affect the depth it is able to reach and the castability.
Twitch it, Pause it and set the hook!

2 inch - 1/8 ounce

Z-Spender 2" - Rainbow Trout (Suspending)

SKU: 00357

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