The Z-Cranker is considered as a medium diving crank in the micro crankbait world.
Reaching up to 5 feet
this high quality hard bait provides high flash and really strong but stable wobble. After 2+ years of testing in the US the ultimate micro crankbait concept became a reality.          

With a weight of 1/8 oz the Z-Cranker will be a great option for your ultra light and light set up.
We balanced it so it is slow floating and allows quick pauses without seeing the bait quickly come straight back up.
Our new crankbait has a super-low center of gravity and will gives off the overwhelming flash and acrobatic bottom-contact action.


 Key Features 

  • Hydrodynamic design 
  • Double rattle system 
  • Generates overwhelming impact and realizes great castability 
  • Super-low center of gravity balancer mount 
  • Great flashing impact
  • High quality Eurotackle custom treble hooks
  • Durable, original and realistic paint

    1.5 inch - 1/8 ounce

Z-Cranker 1.5" - Chartreuse (Slow Floating)

SKU: 00354

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