This is Forkin’ Awesome: The Y-Fry

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

By: Blake Tollefson

Photo Credit: Blake Tollefson

Specifications: 1.2 inches

Target Species: Crappies, Bluegills, and Perch

Welcome the newest member to the Micro Finesse family: the Y-Fry.

Appropriately sized, the Y-Fry was specifically designed with the panfish angler in mind. This all new lure was modeled after our highly successful, fish producing Eurogrub.

It wasn’t designed to replace those other Micro Finesse plastics you’ve grown to love; rather it was developed to be an additional tool in your ice fishing arsenal. During the development process, we analyzed and reviewed numerous different designs to ensure we created another fish catcher you could count on.

Coming in at 1.2 inches, the Y-Fry was perfectly sized between the Eurogrub and Eurogrub Jr.

The tail section was modified to create a flat, forked profile that creates some tantalizing tail action when worked throughout the water column.

Photo Credit: Scott Wilhelm

During the field testing stage, this lure proved to be successful for vertical jigging applications in both open water and hardwater seasons. The plastics pair perfectly with a small lead or tungsten jig.

Recommendations: (1) Make sure the plastic is paired up with the appropriate sized jig. Oversized or undersized jigs can diminish fishing success. (2) Ensure the plastic is threaded properly so the entire setup remains horizontal or perpendicular to your line. Fishing this plastic horizontally will maximize the action created by the thin, forked tail.

In tough conditions, trim off a few ribs in the mid-section of the plastic to dupe those finicky fish.

The all new plastic is offered in a wide variety of colors, including two all new schemes never before seen in the Micro Finesse family.

Photo Credit: Blake Tollefson


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