The World’s Smallest Lipless Crankbait

By: Blake Tollefson

Photo Credit: Michael Jasensky

Z-Viber - 1/16

Specifications: 1/16 oz / 1 inch

Target Species: Crappies, Perch, Bluegills, Trout

Introduced in 2017, the Z-Viber hit the ice fishing market by storm. Over the last two seasons, it has received it’s fair share of hype; all of which are well warranted.

Photo Credit: Jason Brenic

Coming in at one inch in length and one-sixteenth (1/16) of an ounce, the Z-Viber is the smallest lipless crankbait currently available on the market. The lure was specifically developed to fill a niche in the fishing world that was often neglected.

The size and profile of this lure was designed with the finesse fisherman in mind. It truly deserves to be in a category of its own.

Photo Credit: Murray Hebert

The lure was created in a baitfish profile and is finished off with internal tungsten beads and a single, free swinging hook. It’s micro profile, and realistic look, make it a prime bait for panfish and trout.

The original Z-Viber was developed to be fished in both ice fishing and open water applications. It truly excels in the vertical jigging realm. An alternating combination of abrupt lifts of 12-24 inches, short jigging strokes, and pauses entices fish to bite. Methods as such are very convincing when targeting panfish. The lure’s internal tungsten rattles creates some significant high frequency vibrations on the lift. The design creates a slow fluttering effect on the drop. These aspects make it highly effective for hardwater and open water seasons.

Although the Z-Viber is often categorized as a vertical style bait, it also shines in other areas. Throughout the open water seasons, the lure is extremely effective via pitching and cast & retrieve methods. Retrieve it with a gentle ripping motion by sweeping the rod from nine-o-clock to eleven-o-clock, paired with a pause on the drop. Fish will often grab the bait on the fall. Additionally, the lure can be fished via a steady retrieve motion. The unique design makes the lure wobble erratically on the retrieve.

Photo Credit: Ben Vnh

Due to it’s free swinging, single hook, the Z-Viber can be fished around heavy cover, like wood and rock, as well as in thick weeds without getting hung up.

The lure is designed to be fished bare, but the single hook makes it easy to thread or your favorite plastic or bait of choice.

The 1/16 ounce Z-Viber was initially offered in six different color schemes, however, since it’s inception another four new colors have been added to the lineup.

Photo Credit: Blake Tollefson

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Photo Credit: Blake Tollefson

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