The Ultimate Finesse Swimbait

By: Blake Tollefson

The B-Vibe

Specifications: 2 inches

Target Species: Crappies, Bluegills, Walleyes, Trout, Perch, Bass

The B-Vibe is arguably the softest micro paddletail currently available on the market. The plastic was designed to provide an extremely natural swimming action when fished via cast and retrieve methods.

The ultra soft composition of the lure allows it to be fished effectively at variable speeds. In tough conditions, the B-Vibe can be fished using an extremely slow retrieve. The flat paddle of the lure will still provide a lot of action.

An intermediary flat surface was added to solidify the bait and prevent the lure from tearing off the hook shank.

The B-Vibe pairs well with jigs from sizes 1/32 oz to 1/8 oz. The new Soft-Lock series of jigs allows for easy removal without tearing the plastic. Effectiveness of jig size varies based on conditions, water depth, and target species. Opt for larger jigs in deeper water, or if targeting larger species. The B-Vibe can also be fished on a weedless jig if fishing in heavy cover.

Recommendations: Fish the B-Vibe via various cast and retrieve methods. Work along weedlines, rock piles, fish cribs and other structures. Leave distance between the boat and the area being fished. Make long casts towards the structure. Initially, start your retrieve as soon as the bait hits the water. If you aren’t getting bit, vary the amount of time you let the bait sink before beginning the retrieve. Alternate retrieval speeds to find the most effective speed. A steady cranking motion has proven to be extremely effective for all species, as it allows the tail of the lure to move consistently.

The plastic can also be fished via drop shot and vertical jigging methods. The soft composition provides some impressive action when fished vertically.

The B-Vibe was designed with panfish in mind, but it has proven itself again and again as an effective lure for gamefish as well, especially when finesse techniques are needed.

It is currently offered in ten fish catching colors.


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