The "Scud Life"

The Gamma Scud

By: Blake Tollefson

Specifications: 1 inch

Target Species: Crappies, Bluegills, Perch, and Trout

Freshwater shrimp and scud like creatures are a consistent forage base for small predators like bluegills, perch, and crappies throughout the winter months. They are found in countless water bodies across the United States and Canada.

Enter the Gamma Scud, the newest member of the Micro Finesse family. Coming in at one inch in length, this micro bait is sure to put some fish on the ice this upcoming season. This little bait packs a lot of fish catching punch in a small profile.

Although its brand new to the Eurotackle family, this plastic has already proven itself time and time again. Eurotackle’s team of product testers spent a great deal of time testing these in the offseason to help develop the best scud imitation possible.

The plastic features a segmented, detailed body design and a series of appendages designed to “dance” with only the slightest movements. It features the ideal blend of durability and action, providing its user the perfect action and advantage of catching several fish without replacement. It’s legs create tight vibrations when worked throughout the water column. Like all Eurotackle plastics, the Gamma Scud features the proprietary S-Pheremone scent technology, making it a top choice for ice fishing especially when conditions are tough.

The Gamma Scud was designed to be fished horizontally - providing the most action possible. The bait pairs well with bite-sized lead and tungsten jigs - 1/16 ounce or 4-5 mm tungsten range are sized perfectly.

Vertical jigging methods are ideal for the Gamma Scud, as it was designed to be fished horizontally. It’s important to ensure the plastic kept horizontal for optimal results. The lure is also effective when fished under a float.

The Gamma Scud is offered in six different color schemes to cover a wide range of water clarity and fishing conditions.


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