Simple Does It

By: Blake Tollefson

Photo Credit: Murray Hebert

Eurogrub and Eurogrub Jr.

Specifications: 1.4 inches / 0.8 inches

Target Species: Crappies, Bluegills, Perch, and Trout

As the original members of the Micro Finesse line-up, the Eurogrub and Eurogrub Jr. are the picturesque definition of simplicity. Despite their simplistic design, the lures have continued to prove themselves since day one.

The Eurogrub is comprised of a segmented, ribbed body and straight, pintail design. It’s composition is the ultimate blend of durability and finesse action. It’s ultra soft framework creates some serious tail action that entices fish to bite. It’s durability allows the angler to catch fish after fish without switching up plastics.

Photo Credit: Matt Barbeau

The Eurogrub series is prime at imitating those miniature meals that lurk in the depths. The plastics are extremely effective in both open water and ice fishing applications.

The original Eurogrub pairs well with a 1/32 to 1/16 oz lead jig or a larger tungsten jig (5 mm). It is a perfect option for vertical jigging for panfish, such as perch and crappies. It has also proven itself in the trout market in finesse applications.

The segmented body allows for clean, easy trimming of the plastic if a smaller lure proves necessary. Trim the plastic, leaving the last 4-5 “ribs” and the tail section. A plastic of this size pairs well with a 4-5 mm tungsten jig. In various situations the longer tail section will turn “sniffers” into “biters.” Pictures of the minor modification are included below.

Photo Credit: Blake Tollefson

The Eurogrub Jr. is currently the smallest bait in the micro finesse lineup, coming in at a “hefty“ 0.8 inches. It pairs well with small tungsten jigs and is specifically designed for ice fishing applications. It has proven itself as a top choice for anglers looking to capitalize on situations when micro finesse is vital for success. Tungsten jigs in the 3-4 mm category measure up well with the finesse plastic.

Photo Credit: Matt Barbeau

As described in previous articles, it is vital that the plastics are kept horizontal when being used via jigging methods. Rely on horizontally designed jigs, or rotate the knot on eyelet to ensure the plastic is fished appropriately (pictures below).

The Eurogrub and Eurogrub Jr. are currently offered in (9) color schemes to cover a wide range of fishing conditions and applications.

Photo Credit: Kyle Quine

Photo Credit: Michael Mullis

Photo Credit: Blake Tollefson

Photo Credit: Trevor Hominick


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