Out with the old, in with the flashy

By: Blake Tollefson

Target Species: Crappies, Bluegills, Perch, Trout, Walleyes, Bass

The fishing industry is constantly evolving. New trends, lures, and products are always being created. Companies must work to design new lures with new advantages in order to stay relevant to their customers.

Tungsten lures, in particular, are all the rage in the fishing community. Most specifically, it has taken the ice fishing world by storm, and for good reason.  Tungsten offers some real advantages over other metal lure compositions. First and foremost, its far denser than traditional metals, making it sink at a much faster rate. Increased sensitivity is another added bonus.

New to the Eurotackle T-Series family, is the T-Flasher. Comprised on 99% tungsten, this spoon packs a serious amount of weight into a small profile. It looks like a spoon, but fishes more like a jig. Each lure comes standard with a custom Eurotackle treble hook and feathers for added attraction. The T-Flasher is offered in several of the Eurotackle color schemes you’ve grown to love, as well as a new color for the 2020 season. Six colors in total including options UV and Glow options.

For the 2020 season, the T-Flasher is offered in two different sizes:

-          2 inches & 1/4 oz

-          2.5 inches & 5/8 oz

The 2 inch model was designed with panfish in mind (like crappies and perch), while 2.5 inch model was developed for the game fish angler (trout and walleyes).

The T-Flasher’s abilities truly shine in deep water. Historically, anglers would have to upsize lures in order to obtain the fall rate they were after. Traditional metal spoons lack the ability to reach the depths in a hurry. The T-Flasher incorporates the advantages of a tungsten jig and the profile of a spoon to create the ultimate fast fishing lure.

Being able to pack fast sinking action in a smaller profile is a significant benefit.

We’ve all experienced days where getting down to the fish quickly is necessary, especially when the fish are roaming hard. Imagine yourself on a frozen lake atop of a school of crappies. It was often a waiting game hoping your lure would reach the fish before they took off in another direction. With the introduction of the T-Flasher, anglers are able to reach those fish before they’ve moved on to the next area. The lure is truly an asset to any arsenal, especially for vertical jigging applications.

The T-Flasher will retail for $7.99 (2 inch model) and $9.99 (2.5 inch model). Arguably, a small price to pay for an advantage on the water.


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