Keepin’ It Real

By: Blake Tollefson

Photo Credit: Blake Tollefson

Original Bloodworm

Specifications: 1 inch

Target Species: Crappies, Bluegills, and Perch

The midge larvae, more commonly known as the bloodworm, are amongst the most prevalent aquatic creatures located across the ice belt of the United States.

They are often found adjacent to deep basins and weed lines, and prefer areas of relatively soft bottom composition, as well as transition areas. Due to their habitat and abundance, bloodworms are a staple in the diet of most panfish species. Take a trip to a frozen panfish infested lake. It’s not uncommon to find crappies or perch plump full of bloodworms, or spitting them up as they lie on the ice.

Photo Credit: Trevor Hominick

The Original Bloodworm from Eurotackle’s Micro Finesse lineup is arguably one of the most realistic bloodworm imitations on the market. At one inch in size, the Original Bloodworm is slightly oversized which entices those fish looking for a heftier meal. The segmented body proves to be rather life like, but also allows for quick and easy trimming, if a smaller bait proves necessary.

The plastic’s soft composition, and realistic color scheme, makes it highly effective for imitating a real bloodworm. The “tail” of the bait dances when fished vertically or horizontally.

Photo Credit: Trevor Hominick

Pair the plastic with an appropriately sized lead or tungsten jig. Tungsten jigs in the 3-5 mm category work well with the Bloodworm. The lure is most effectively fished via vertical jigging methods.

Common rigging options include:

(1) Horizontal - Thread the plastic on the shank of the hook so it remains horizontal while fishing.

(2) Jigging Spoons - Split the plastic into segments and use to tip jigging spoons, as a spike imitation.

(3) Centered - Wacky rig the plastic, and let the soft body appendages dance.

If you’re finding finicky fish, trim off the half of the segmented body and thread on to a jig. The extreme micro size is phenomenal for picky panfish.

If lifelike is what you’re after, the Original Bloodworm should have a home in your tackle box.


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