Fishing for Salmon with APBASSIN (Video)

Last week I was invited by Alex Peric (aka APBASSING on Youtube) to fish with him and his team. To make sure we would be on some fish we planned on fishing with the best Wisconsin fishing guide : Eric Haataja. Without a doubt the best guide but also a great man with an incredible passion for our sport and important human values.

Alex Peric, Eric Haataja and myself after an epic fight with this giant King Salmon caught on the Z-Viber 3/8 - Albiglow

Finishing a distribution show on the same day and because of the amount of traffic on the road I was only able to spend the couple last hours on the boat with them. Of course they didn't wait for me to catch some big fish on salmon eggs but as soon as they picked me up from the shore our focus was about lure fishing.

Eric recommended to throw deep diving jerk baits and after 5 minutes one of the Lake Michigan giants decided to smash mine. Unfortunately I lost it right away. From that moment I understood I needed to make sure I was strongly holding my rod (Seen in the video). But after another hour of casting none of us could get another bite. AP was really motivated to catch his first King on a lure and decided to try different options. His last option was to go in my sample box just brought back from the show and grab a Z-Viber 3/8oz in the Albiglow version (Ultra glow white with red eye which is a Eurotackle signature color)

5 minutes later... Alex yelled "Fish on"! It was the beginning of a long and tricky fight. It was the kind of fight that proves to you that good hooks are important. I trust our hooks and I knew it was going to be fine but I was more worried about the 8lbs/test leader.

After a perfect fight from Alex, Eric was able to net the fish. The excitement on the boat was extreme.

We all think that the ultra glow color really triggered that Salmon to bite. We were fishing the mouth of river and the water was really brown. I believe that the ripping action that AP was doing with the Z-Viber added to the aggressive glow pattern was the key to get a bite that day.

Being part of the filming was a great experience but the friendly atmosphere and the fun make you forget about the cameras. All I will remember is the fun we had that day and how good it feels to fish around good people. I actually didn't know they would be filming... Benoit Vnh Owner - Eurotackle


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