Confidence is King

Fishing with Plastics

By: Blake Tollefson

Photo Credit: Rielly Pape

I can recall countless fishing related conversations I’ve had throughout the years. Talks of great days on the water, where the fish were at, and most importantly you’d here “What did you catch them on?”

An all too common answer of mine: plastics. An answer as such, is often followed by rather predictable reactions from two types of anglers: the believer and the non-believer. The former has seen the power of plastics, they’ve caught fish on plastics, and they understand how valuable of a tool plastics really are. The latter may have purchased a pack or two of plastics, or maybe they have a buddy that’s used them; but all in all they haven’t given plastics a fair shot, and often opt for a scoop of minnows.

Photo Credit: Trevor Hominick

In my personal opinion, every application and fishing situation is somewhat controlled by an angler’s confidence. Fishing with plastics is no different. If an angler has no confidence in the bait they’ve tied on, then fishing success will be diminished. On the flip side, if an angler has confidence in the bait they’ve chosen, then positive results are more likely. There are obviously exceptions to the rule: certain applications, colors, and profiles will excel during specific situations.

Plastics, and other artificial baits, dominate 90-95% of my fishing time on the water. Live bait still has its place in the fishing world, but there are countless applications in which plastics can and will be more effective.

Photo Credit: Dora Lambert

I firmly believe that artificial lures have some significant advantages over live bait. First, and foremost, you don’t have to buy live bait. It’s an entire step removed from your travel to go fishing because you don’t need to pick up any bait. Secondly, you don’t need to re-bait nearly as often. Most plastics will catch numerous fish without having to thread on a new one. Lastly, plastics don’t die. You really don’t have to worry about what temperature they’re at, or hooking up an aerator. It’s safe to say that a $3-$4 pack of plastics is likely going to last you a lot longer than a $3-$4 scoop of minnows or container of waxies.

Photo Credit: Mike Mullis

Still a non-believer? Maybe you’re doubting the power of plastics?

On your next fishing outing, leave the live bait at home. Grab that bag of plastics you’ve been hearing so much about, and tie one on. Be determined to catch fish and have some faith in the bait you’re fishing with.

Confidence is truly king when it comes to fishing with plastics. All it takes is one great outing with plastics to make you a believer.

Photo Credit: Blake Tollefson


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