Capture the Moment

There’s something special about a nice fish picture to share with friends or to post on social media. It’s a perfect way to preserve those memories of a great day on the water. Taking a decent picture isn’t always the easiest task. A little practice and attention to detail is all that’s needed. High end cameras aren’t required. Here are a few pointers for taking better pictures:


Have your camera or phone readily available. Don’t keep it stashed away so you’re scrambling to find it. The objective is to get a good picture and release the fish as soon as possible.

Focus, Focus, Focus.

Focus on your subject. All cameras have the ability to focus, so make sure you actually use it. Decide what exactly you want to focus the picture on. It some situations it may be the fish or the fish and person holding it. In others you may want to focus on the lure you caught it on. On most cameras, a simple tap on the screen will force the camera to focus on that area. Proper focus on your subject can make a huge difference in the overall quality of your photo.

Fill the Frame.

More times than not it’s important to fill the frame of the lens with your subject, or in most instances the fish. It often results in a better picture, and most importantly it places the focus on the fish.


Keep your camera steady. It can make all the difference between taking a great photo and ending up with a blurry mess. Do what you can to keep it from moving around. There are some great tools on the market to help accomplish this, including small tripods, phone holders, and so forth.

Get Uncomfortable.

Sometimes getting that perfect shot requires getting in some awkward positions. You may need to lay down, kneel, or do something out of the norm to get that right picture.

Know Your Background

Pay attention to your surroundings. Sometimes the background itself is what makes a picture so great, other times it can have the opposite affect. If you want to take the perfect picture, then make sure your background is fitting. Side note: knowing your background can also help from giving away your secret fishing spot.

No Limits.

Take several pictures. You can always delete them later. We’re no longer in the days of film and developing. You can take as many pictures as you want and delete the not so great ones later on.

Charged Up.

This one is pretty self explanatory. Make sure your phone or camera is charged up and ready for use. It helps to carry some extra batteries or a charging device especially in extreme temps where electronics tend to die quicker.

Edit It Out.

There are some great applications out there for editing photos, many of which are free. Photoshop Express and Adobe Lightroom are two examples of free applications available on your phone. Adding a filter or altering some settings can turn a good photo into a great one. You can do some pretty amazing things with these apps, and there’s some additional features available for purchase if you feel its necessary.


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