Better Than the Real Thing?

By: Blake Tollefson

Photo Credit: Chris Cook

Mummy Worms

Specifications: 35-40 per pack

Target Species: Crappies, Bluegills, Perch, Trout, Salmon, Bass, and more.

Live bait has been a staple to the fishing world since the beginning of time. Minnows, spikes, and wax worms are among the most common used by ice fisherman across the country. Countless anglers rely on the “real thing” in order to entice fish to bite on the ice.

In recent years, plastics have found their place in the industry as more anglers have decided to leave the live bait at home. Most plastics are designed to be an imitation of the food fish are after. They’ve become a great alternative for targeting active fish.

But what if there was another option? One that combined some of the advantages of both plastics and live bait?

Mummy Worms have found their place within the market as well. As it’s original product, Eurotackle built it’s brand around this unique live bait substitute. The Mummy Worm combines aspects and properties of both live bait and plastics.

Photo Credit: Jeff Rose

“How do they look so real?

Well, it’s because they are real. Mummy Worms are actually real wax worms that have been mummified via a special process to preserve them.

How well do they hold up?”

They hold up great. It’s safe to say they’re better than the real thing. The process that mummifies the wax worms, firms them up just enough. They hold well on the jig or spoon without losing all of their action.

Photo Credit: Rielly Pape

“How long will they last?”

The proprietary blend that preserves the wax worms will allow them to stay fresh for at least two years. They don’t need to be refrigerated or kept at a specific temperature. Just throw a pack in your pocket or tackle box. It’s a significant advantage to not to have to worry about your “live bait” dying on you.

“How well do they work?”

Mummy Worms work just like the real stuff. The preservation process holds in the scents and oils produced by wax worms, which makes it hard for fish to resist.

Photo Credit: Jack Kwiatek

“What other advantages do they have?”

If not dying on you, holding up well, looking like a real wax worm, and having real wax worm scent isn’t enough to convince you, then maybe the color palette will help. Mummy Worms are currently offered in 12 different colors, which can offer an edge when you come across picky fish. Everything from high visibility, like orange, pink, and green, to more realistic patterns, like brown, black, and a natural color.

Mummy Worms are a great alternative to live bait. They have the advantages of the real thing, without all the downsides. Store them wherever without worrying about opening up a pack of hardened, useless bait. They hold up well, last long, and look like the real thing.

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Photo Credit: Todd Henneberg


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