The Z-Viber Family

The Z-Viber Family

Introduced in 2017, the Z-Viber hit the ice fishing market by storm. Over the last several seasons, it has received it’s fair share of hype - all of which are well warranted. At the time of it’s introduction the original Z-Viber was the smallest lipless crankbait to ever hit the market – coming at it one inch in length and one-sixteenth (1/16) of an ounce. The lure was specifically developed to fill a void in the fishing world that was formerly neglected.

The micro profile and unique design make the original Z-Viber a prime choice for panfish and trout. Due to it’s free swinging, single hook, the Z-Viber can be fished around heavy cover, like wood and rock, as well as in thick weeds without getting hung up.

The second generation of the Z-Viber family included the introduction of the 1/8 ounce, 3/8 ounce, and 5/8 ounce, which expanded the target species to larger predators, like walleye, bass, pike, lake trout and plus sized panfish. The larger profiles of 2 inches, 2.4 inches and 2.75 inches, respectively, feature a slightly different profile, but still hold the recognizable Z-Viber design. These models feature a pair of custom Eurotackle treble hooks and three different rigging options. These three connection points allow anglers to adjust how the bait moves through the water on the retrieve.

The latest addition to the Z-Viber line brought the new baby of the family, the Z-Viber Micro, which comes in at a staggering 0.6 inches. The introduction of this bait came as an answer to anglers hopes for an even smaller lipless crankbait than the original Z-Viber. The Micro features a tungsten ball near the head to aid in fall rate, allowing this bait to weigh in at 1/16 ounces. Unlike the other models, this model comes standard with both a single hook and treble hook – giving anglers the choice of how they want to fish.

The Z-Viber family was created with an internal rattle system for added attraction and each lure is finished off with a baitfish profile.  They are designed to be fished bare, but the hooks make it easy to thread on plastics or live bait.

The Z-Viber line was developed for both ice fishing and open water applications – and  they truly excel in the vertical jigging realm. An alternating combination of abrupt lifts of 12-24 inches, short jigging strokes, and pauses entices fish to bite. The lure’s internal tungsten rattles creates some significant high frequency vibration on the lift. The design of the 1/16, 1/8, 3/8, and 5/8 creates a slow fluttering effect on the drop, while the Micro was developed to sink quick. These aspects make it highly effective for hardwater and open water seasons.

Although the Z-Viber is often categorized as a vertical style bait, it also shines in other areas. Throughout the open water seasons, the lure is extremely effective via pitching and cast & retrieve methods. Retrieve it with a gentle ripping motion by sweeping the rod from nine-o-clock to eleven-o-clock, paired with a pause on the drop. Fish will often grab the bait on the fall. Additionally, the lure can be fished via a steady retrieve motion. The unique design makes the lure wobble erratically on the retrieve.

The Z-Viber family features a wide range of color schemes, including options from extremely natural, like the Match the Hatch series, to more off the wall colors, like WonderB, and everything in between. Currently, there are more than 20 color patterns offered in the Z-Viber lineup, with new colors being added almost every season. The latest addition – the all-new Bama Craw. In addition to the colors offered directly through Eurotackle, there’s countless more exclusive colors available from retailers and distributors across North America.

No matter where you fish, how you fish, or what you fish for, there’s a member of the Z-Viber family that’ll surely put fish in the boat or on the ice.

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