Social Distancing and the Great Outdoors

Social Distancing and the Great Outdoors

We find ourselves in an interesting time. A time that has not been seen by most. Shopping malls, movie theaters, and dine-in restaurants are shut down, meanwhile a lot of folks are required to work from home. Cities that were once bustling with traffic at almost every time of the day, are now resemble that of a ghost town.

Although many of these conveniences have come to a halt, there are still plenty of opportunities for enjoyment in the great outdoors. In most regions across the United States, outdoor activities are among the only things that have yet to be banned. States like Minnesota and Wisconsin are actually encouraging their residents to spend time outdoors.

Spending time in the woods or on the water is in fact one of the best ways to practice social distancing.

Depending on where you live ice fishing may still be in play, or maybe your local weather has already brought on the open water season. Turkey hunting seasons are also commencing within the coming weeks. This also means lots of preparation for the upcoming seasons, as well as proper storage of last seasons “tools”.

Aside from fishing and hunting, there are also some great alternatives such as hiking, biking, and walking the dog. In fact, Wisconsin has actually taken steps to encourage these types of activities by eliminating fees required for state parks and state trails.

In addition to doing your part to flatten the curve by keeping a safe distance from others, it’s also important to think economically. One economical way of thinking is related to the costs associated with spending time outdoors. Relatively speaking, the costs to do most outdoors activities are overall fairly minimal.

Additionally, you can think economically in regards to the ways you spend your money. Since outdoor activities are among some of the only things allowed, why not support the economy by purchasing items related to these activities.

It’s pretty apparent how drastically our lives have changed over the last few weeks. However, don’t dwell on the negative and use this as opportunity to spend more time outside and try something new.

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